Kids Church Pre-Registration

September 27, 2020 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

*Kids Church registration has only 11 spots available during COVID19 Social Distancing.

*Please enter the number of children attending, and then enter the name of each child and verify reveiw of rules.

*Each child will be assigned an area (paint chalked box on the grass) for them to sit in during class. It will be about the size of a small blanket, so they have room to move around but still stay within social distancing requirement.  

*Please bring a blanket or beach towel for your child to sit on. 

*Kids will check-in to Kids Church by the Fellowship Hall outdoor entrance after the last worship song before preaching. We ask that parents stand in line (6ft apart) with children while they get checked in. After check-in, only children and teachers will be allowed passed the check-in area.

*Please be sure to give the mobile number that will be with you on Sunday. If there is an emergency during Kids Church, the staff will text you at that number. 

*Please take your children to the bathroom before Kids Church begins.  The staff will not be making any potty breaks during Kids Church. 

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